Richard Stewart-Byrd

Richard Stewart-Byrd Pages of Love

Tim Solomon caresses the listener with his careful expressive vocal phrasing. Mr. Solomon waits to the right time to unleash the power of his Tenor colored Baritone voice; not since Luther Vandross have I heard such expressive vocal shading.

James E. Herbert

James E. Herbert Tim Solomon

The song great is thy faithfulness helped me thru the struggles with crystal meth use. I’m delivered from that addiction thanx to the power of that song. Thank u Tim for the blessing of your ministry of music.

Paula G Voice

Paula G Voice Tim Solomon

Independent artists! Amazing talent that needs to be heard! Do yourself a favor, incline your ear and HEAR this amazing voice. Tim Solomon! A man with a gift! Coming soon!

JoAnn Miller

JoAnn Miller Tim Solomon

Tim Solomon, you are AMAZING!!! You have a gift from God!!!

James C.

James C. Tim Solomon

I have been truly blessed by this project from Mr Tim Solomon. My go to track #6 "He'll Make A Way" because He did it for me!!!

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